Saxons & Romans back from the dead to celebrate Beltain!

Herigeas Hundas Saxons.jpg

Herigeas Hundas Saxons

Swords at the ready! The Romans and Saxons are gearing up for their marvellous display at Butser Ancient Farm’s annual Beltain festival on Saturday 29 April. Local Saxon re-enactor group ‘Herigeas Hundas’ will be roaming the site at Beltain, displaying costumes, weapons and Saxon life before the burning of the 30ft wickerman at dusk. The Butser Roman Legion will also have a presence, as they guard their Roman villa from Celtic invaders and let the public taste Roman cooking, hold a Roman gladius and try on a Roman helmet.


Butser Roman Legion.jpg

Butser Roman Legion


Both groups are full of fantastic knowledge and love interacting with the barbarians of modern life, and they will be available to talk to throughout the festival, where there will also be a real ale bar, hog roast, singing, dancing, astronomy, metalwork and much more. The wickerman will be burnt as part of a Celtic tradition to welcome in the warmer months and persuade the gods to bless us with a good harvest. What better way to kickstart the summer? Tickets available online at or call 02392 598838.


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